Same Indifference

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I did this illustration for The Prince Charles Cinema and they have put it on t-shirts; available for order, just in time for Christmas, here. There might be a little print, soon, too.

christmas-sea wallpaper

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greetings (updated 30th August)

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I have been making some cards. There is the ‘Birthday Gifts Card’, and then, for all your other greetings needs, there is the ‘Multi-Porpoise Card’. They are both A6 size and Gocco printed (so each print is a bit different) on 100% recycled card and come with a 100% recycled brown envelope in a corn starch bag!

You can get them both at Playlounge, For Arts Sake (Ealing site), Lik + Neon and London Print Studio, where I recently had an excellent induction and plan to do more things soon.

They are also available to order online in my shop!

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kitten dump

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I got rid of my ‘about’ page,  so I figured it could live here now.

tea break

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6. birthday

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2. or Three Things I Know About Kinder Eggs

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x , x

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Photo credit to Katie Honan (or me: one of us took it anyway)